Used Nissan SUVs for Sale Springfield, MA

used nissan suvs


If you are in the market for a previously owned utility vehicle in outstanding condition, come on over to Balise Nissan of West Springfield. It’s our goal is to make the car-buying process easier for you than ever before, with our friendly and knowledgeable team members and our high standards across the board. We have dozens of pre-owned Nissan SUVs – such as the Rogue, Pathfinder, Murano, and even the discontinued Xterra – that still have many more years of road time in them. These well-screened used vehicles are ready for you to test-drive today. You can get started now, while you’re here on our website, by taking a look at our inventory page.





Why Choose a Used Nissan SUV?

The most attractive advantage of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is the amount of money that you will save. Choosing a used Nissan SUV, rather than a brand-new one, is a great path for budget-minded shoppers to take. Brand-new vehicles can end up costing much more than what people initially anticipate. Not only is the initial purchase price higher when you’re a vehicle’s first owner, but the insurance premiums are also much higher. Therefore, a pre-owned vehicle’s lower purchase price coupled with lower monthly insurance payments and lower annual excise tax can help save you hundreds of dollars each year – and thousands throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Since you are saving money with a used vehicle, you can also upgrade to a more-loaded trim than if you went with a brand-new vehicle. These lower costs alone are often enough to convince people to opt for pre-owned, but there are still other reasons to buy a used vehicle.

Other Advantages of Buying a Pre-Owned SUV

Nowadays, vehicles stay on the road much longer than they used to. This increase in vehicle longevity is due to advancements in vehicle technology and engineering to create more durable and efficient vehicles. The Nissan brand is known for affordability and reliability, so you know that a secondhand Nissan utility vehicle is going to last a long time. The Japanese automaker has consistently been near the top of reliability tables for many years now. You will still get many of the same advanced safety and technology features in a used vehicle as you would see in the brand-new models.

Certified Pre-Owned Nissan SUVs

To ensure that you are completely confident in your pre-owned purchase, we provide our 90-day Balise Certified Pre-Owned Warranty absolutely free of charge. This comprehensive 90-day/3,750-mile warranty covers major component damage with the engine, transmission, drive axle, brakes, steering, electrical systems, and cooling systems. In addition to our Balise warranty, Nissan includes some other benefits and warranties on all certified pre-owned vehicles. One of these benefits is 24/7 emergency roadside assistance with dead battery jump, lock-out assistance, flat tire changes, towing assistance, car rental reimbursement, fuel delivery when you run out of gas, and trip interruption coverage. Another included warranty is Nissan’s 7-year/100,000-mile limited warranty coverage, which covers over 600 vehicle components involved in the engine, transmission, and drive train.