Nissan Tire Rotation Service in West Springfield


Like other routine maintenance services, tire rotations are important for keeping your Nissan vehicle running at peak efficiency. Because each of the four wheels performs a slightly different role in driving, it’s important to switch up their positions to prevent irregular wear. Irregular tire wear can even be dangerous, as it can cause less precise handling or even result in a blowout. The tires will be rotated in a different pattern depending on the drivetrain, and the Nissan-certified technicians at Balise Nissan of West Springfield will handle all of that for you during your service visit.


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Causes of Tire Wear

There’s no one specific cause or way to prevent tire wear, as even daily driving in normal conditions will gradually wear down the rubber. Driving at or under the speed limit and stopping and starting gradually instead of suddenly will make tires (and other vehicle components, such as brakes and suspension) last longer. If your tires have tread wear indicators, you’ll know it’s time to replace them when those indicators become apparent; they look like narrow strips of smooth rubber and gradually will become more visible as the tires get more worn out. If your tires don’t have indicators, do a habitual visual check of all four (once a week, or each time you stop for gas) between visits to the service department.


How to Measure Tread Depth

If your tire tread seems borderline, you can check it yourself. The most precise way is to use a digital or mechanical tread-depth gauge, which you can buy at an auto parts store and keep in your glove box. If you don’t have one of those, take a penny and place it upside-down in the tire tread. If all of Abraham Lincoln’s head is visible (not obscured by the tread), that indicates that tread is too low and the tires are ready for replacement.


The Importance of Regular Tire Rotations

Regular tire rotations are vital for the well-being of you and your vehicle. They help prevent unexpected issues and make the tires last longer. A blown tire can be extremely dangerous, and replacing one is costly, especially with all-wheel drive vehicles that require that all four tires be replaced at once for proper function of the AWD system. Tire rotations also improve the overall efficiency of your vehicle, which can help you use less fuel. The general interval for rotating the tires is each time you get an oil change, but individual driving habits can change that either way. Let your Nissan service technician guide you as to whether a different mileage interval makes more sense for your individual driving conditions.


Scheduling a Tire Rotation

To set up an appointment, you can contact our service department at 413-750-1561 or book an appointment online. When it is time for your vehicle’s next service appointment, you can find our dealership on 500 Riverdale Street in West Springfield, MA.