Nissan Intelligent Mobility


Nissan Intelligent Mobility is the umbrella name for the automaker’s technologically focused efforts toward overall improvement of the driving experience. The three main tiers –Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power, and Intelligent Integration – concentrate respectively on safety, sustainability, and connectivity, and they touch every vehicle in the Nissan lineup in ways that their drivers certainly notice and appreciate. Autonomous (self-driving) vehicles are the ultimate goal, and Nissan is currently road-testing this technology with the hope of perfecting it for consumer use in the next few years.


Nissan Intelligent Driving

Active safety technology has been around in various forms for a number of years, in the form of features that alert the driver to hazards and/or automatically control the vehicle to avoid those hazards. Such technologies are the focus of Nissan Intelligent Driving, which is highlighted by ProPilot Assist, a grouping of state-of-the-art technologies that work to prevent – or at least lessen the severity of – collisions. Some of these sought-after features come standard even on base models, while others are standard just on higher trims or available in add-on packages. Some of ProPilot Assist’s highlights are rear automatic braking (far less common than front automatic braking), the Intelligent Around-View Monitor (for a 360-degree bird’s-eye view), and lane centering, which works to keep you from unknowingly drifting, even on curves.


Nissan Intelligent Power

Intelligent Power is the foundation for every Nissan electric vehicle (EV), and more and more innovations are continuously being developed. Right now, Nissan’s engineers are working on numerous exciting technologies, ranging from electric motors that recharge as you’re driving, to propulsion by fuel cell, to self-driving cars. These advances in fuel diversity, renewable energy development, and lower (or even totally eliminated) emissions will soon make driving even safer and more friendly to the environment.

Consider that Nissan’s Leaf EV has been an extraordinarily successful model; through 2018 it had sold more units than any other electric car. Nissan continues to support the expansion of charging stations not just in the United States and Japan, but across Europe and Mexico, too. Other innovations coming through this area of Nissan Intelligent Mobility include high-reliability drive systems, high-efficiency powertrains, and alternative and conventional fuel engines with advanced transmissions as well as vehicle energy management solutions.


Nissan Intelligent Integration

Nissan Intelligent Integration encompasses a lot of the systems that today’s drivers expect – such as integrated navigation, smartphone connectivity, and remote locking/unlocking ability – along with systems that promise to be the future of cars. Intelligent Automation is a system currently in development that would allow autonomous vehicles to “learn” and communicate with one another via a special network, sharing alerts about real-time hazards (such as construction zones), and even adjust routes on their own. Nissan calls this system SAM: Seamless Autonomous Mobility.

So, stay tuned as Nissan keeps on working to improve the driving experience for everyone out there on the roads. The future is exciting, indeed!